The world’s most valuable diamonds!

It’s interesting to witness the diamond’s alluring influence on a lady. Sensitivity to women, The unconscious mind’s domain, Excellent marketing approach Probably a combination of the three…

Even yet, this natural substance, which is formed entirely of carbon, may command exorbitant pricing. Color, purity, size, and weight are all factors used to determine their price.


The Koh-I-Noor diamond is oval in shape. It was discovered in India in 1302 and weighs 105 carats. It is completely pure and translucent white. To refresh your memory, one carat equals 0.2 grams. It would consequently weigh 21.6 grams in grams. The KOH-I-NOOR is a diamond with extraordinary qualities. Only 0.8 percent of all gemstones fall under the category in which it is classified.

Long regarded as the world’s biggest cut diamond, “The Mountain of Light,” as its name suggests, is considered priceless. It is presently displayed at the Tower of London, placed on the British Royal Family’s Crown.


This pink diamond has an emerald cut (rectangle with cut corners) and weighs 24.78 carats. Its captivating hue (Fancy Intense Pink) as well as its VVS2 purity position it in a highly sought-after category of stones.

In 1950, Harry Winston bought it. Laurence Graff paid $46 million for it at an auction in Geneva in 2010. It is then set on a ring, making it a unique piece of jewelry.


It has always intrigued our wonderful rulers as the object of their desire. The Sancy is an extremely light yellow diamond with virtually flawless clarity, measuring 55.23 carats.

It was sold to the English in 1605, after been found in India in the middle of the 15th century. “A fairy diamond, cut in facets, acquired from the Lord of Sancy, baron of Maule,” says the inventory of the British crown jewels. He returned to France shortly owing to the Queen of England, who in 1647 presented him to the Duke of Epernon.

Cardinal Mazarin later purchased it back and left it to Louis XIV in his testament. It is then placed on Louis XV’s crowns, forming the center of the fleur-de-lys, and then on Louis XVI’s. It was even one of Maris-gems! Antoinette’s It was stolen, then discovered, and handed from hand to hand until it was purchased for 1 million francs by the Louvre in 1979. Its worth today is immeasurable.


This diamond, weighing 273.85 carats, was found in 1986 in South Africa. It weighed a whopping 599 carats when it was uncovered. It is valued at $100 million and is certified by the GIA in color D (the most brilliant colorless hue). The purchaser want to remain unidentified.


Legend has it that Tavernier stole it in 1668 and brought it back to France to sell it to Louis XIV, bringing ill luck to anybody who holds it. The explorer himself will be the first to fall victim to the curse, as he will be discovered a few years later at the gates of Paris, eaten by a pack of wild dogs…

Magnificent cushion of 45.52 carats, confirmed by the GIA as “Fancy Dark Grayish Blue,” or gray blue, and valued at 350 million dollars.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington is in charge of keeping death at bay once more!


It was discovered in 1905 near Pretoria as the largest part of a raw diamond. It is named for Sir Thomas Cullinan, the owner of the mine where the rough diamond was unearthed.

Three diamond specialists worked for eight months to polish and cut this diamond. It has a weight of 530.20 carats (106 grams)!

It is the property of the British monarch and has 74 facets and is completely colorless. It is valued at 400 million dollars now.


This magnificent oval cut pink diamond is 59.60 carats.

It is currently the world’s biggest known pink diamond, certified by the GIA as “fancy bright pink,” the most attractive hue since it is the most intense. Furthermore, its flawless transparency and purity contributed to its $71.2 million price tag. The buyer, who conducted his business over the phone, remained nameless.

The De Beers business unearthed this stone in South Africa in 1999, and it weighed 132.5cts when removed. It took two years to cut and polish it…and to reduce its weight by more than half. What a wonder, though!

This list features extraordinary diamonds that have made history via their beauty and use over the years. There are numerous additional gems of incomparable worth… Maybe they’re buried in the bottom of your drawers.

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