The strength of a woman is in the magic of her touch

The strength of a woman is in the magic of her touch

A woman is a lovely item for a man, with her sensitivity, power, and femininity, and numerous studies continue to expose some of the elements of this enchantment every day.

When we see a child throwing himself into his mother’s arms or the arms of a woman who is playing with him, and sometimes we see him like to play with her hand, and we find him automatically by his instinct if he is not shy throwing himself into the arms of any woman, this indicates that there is magic and feminine tenderness on it, but it requires a sense of communication and its art, and some women are superior to others when they realize the secret of the power inherent in the magic.

What a woman should know

There is information confirming that “if the skin is not touched, it dies.” Touch explains many feelings such as love, sympathy, security, longing, and others, and because the skin is a very sensitive part of the body, because it contains nerve cells, fatty cells, etc., it needs to be revived by touch from time to time, and unfortunately many of Wives are ignorant of the importance of touch in strengthening the bond of love and affection, as touching is one of the most beautiful ways to express love, and it is the best way to show softness and femininity, in addition, it is deeper than words and more influential, and more capable of showing sympathy. sweeping you towards your husband, translating your own language without words.

Emotional, not intimate, touches

Touches have a broader concept than some women might think, as the concept of touches is never limited to the touch that precedes intimate moments or physical contact in an intimate relationship, but the touches that the wife uses in general, and in various situations, such : cuddling of all kinds, holding hands, and intertwining Hands, tapping, wiping the back, wiping the head, getting close and touching, placing the hand on the shoulder, and wiping the face.

Women also need  touch

A woman must inform her husband in one way or another of her other needs for these touches, due to her affection and nature. Many believe that women are the most in need of caring touches, but I see in our present time that the husband really needs these touches as much as the wife needs, especially with different circumstances and many The pressures of life and the problems that the husband sees, so the wife must take the initiative to activate the use of that language, so that her skin and her vibrant love for her husband do not die, and therefore every feeling in her dies gradually, and then her husband becomes accustomed to it.

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