Night Mega Burner – Natural Supplements

Night Mega Burner contains ingredients* which:
Support the achievement of normal body weight
Stimulate protein and glycogen metabolism
Support the achievement of a relaxed state
Facilitate falling asleep and improve sleep quality


Night Mega Burner is a multi-ingredient food supplement that supports fat reduction at night. Use of the product contributes to weight loss and increases the body’s resistance to stress. Night Mega Burner makes it easier to fall asleep and achieve a state of relaxation. In addition, the product contributes to regulating hormonal activity and maintaining normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

Night Mega Burner is a nutritional supplement developed to help you succeed at night. The product works while you sleep to help you burn fat and obtain deep sleep and relaxation.

Green tea leaf extract aids in fat loss and weight management. KSM-66®, on the other hand, has an adaptogenic effect, which enhances resistance to stress, makes it easier to fall asleep, and aids in the attainment of a state of calm. The extracts of lemon balm plant and saffron pistils in the product have similar effects.


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