Jenny Patinkin 6-Piece Makeup Brush Set


Powder/Bronzer: Use with powder products.  Dip or swirl into the pan and then tap away any excess product before tapping or swirling onto the skin.

Cheek: Best when used with powder products such as blush, contour, highlighter, bronzer or powder.

All Over Face: Use with foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, contour, powder or mineral powder. Performs best when lightly tapped or dabbed onto the skin with short strokes or small circular motions.

Conceal/Buff: Best when used with as little concealer as possible and a soft tapping or swiping motion.

Eyeshadow: Use the flat side of the brush to pat shadow onto your lid without disturbing the delicate skin or aim the center of the tip vertically or horizontally into your socket line for shaping the crease and detailing at the outer corner. May be used with cream or powder shadows.

Line/Smudge: Use with Kohl, Gel or waterproof eyeliners, eyeshadow as liner or eyeshadow over liner.  For simplest application and a smoky effect, move the brush directly along the lash line in a soft, back and forth wiggling motion, taking care not to pull on the delicate skin of the lid.


Jenny Patinkin is a highly sought-after beauty expert, entrepreneur, makeup artist and author known for her earth-friendly and age-aware approach to beauty. Nationally recognized for her broad industry knowledge and expertise, and as an early adopter of “clean” beauty, her products are handmade by jewelers and other highly skilled artisans and feature luxury elements such as genuine rose gold plating, genuine semi-precious gemstones and elegant packaging. Each item in her collection features eco-conscious elements, whether it’s sustainably sourced, vegan, organic, non-toxic or recyclable.

Jenny’s collection of beauty tools helps to achieve fresh, natural looking results without pulling or tugging on delicate skin, over-applying or causing irritation that can lead to a dull or inflamed appearance. Features such as weighted bases, carefully calibrated proportions, and ergonomic shapes allow for ultimate user-comfort and success.

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Jenny Patinkin 6-Piece Makeup Brush Set is a fantastic brush set for any occasion.


Powder/Bronzer: The incredibly soft tapered shape allows for a controlled application of powder or bronzer, placing it only where you want or need it,without over distributing or dulling the complexion.

Cheek: This ultra-ultra-soft brush feels delicious to the touch, making it an irresistible and satisfying addition to your kit. The flat/fluffy shape is ideal for for blush, contour, highlighter or powder.

All Over Face: Buffs any product into your complexion so seamlessly, you can use less product but still achieve a polished, natural look.  Works equally well with cream or powder products and can build light to medium coverage.

Conceal/Buff: Ensures that your concealer application never tugs or stretches the delicate skin under the eyes.

Eyeshadow: This brush is one stop shopping for all your shadow needs – lid, crease, detail and blending.

Line/Smudge: Designed with the knowledge that eyeliner is the most complicated product for most women to apply, the softly ​domed tip of this​ brush makes it simple, ​flattering​ and forgiving.


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