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1. From the upper eyelid to the temple and then to the inner corner of the eye.

2. Then, slowly pump the lower eyelid using a semi-circular motion from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.

3. Repeat two or three times.



Ayuna Eye Serum is a powerful droplet, 100% actively charged, whose quintessential effects radiate out to act faster, deeper and more efficiently for a refreshed gaze.

Ayuna Eye Serum is an ultra-lightweight, 100% krypto-encapsulated eye contour treatment that precisely delivers pharma-like molecules from Caffeine, Escin and Fucoidans to improve micro-circulation, minimize dark circles and puffiness all while promoting “Lymphatic Drainage”.

Size: 15ml


This story begins with a working relationship at the start of the millennium. Its protagonists, Isabel and Begoña, met while working at a prestigious cosmetics firm, the first as a Technical Director and the second as a Director of Training. Their vision for innovation was immediate and together they introduced a whole new dimension to how to treat the skin, which led them to develop many concepts and products of great value.

After years of scientific and professional experience, these two women decided to combine their knowledge to create their own brand. Their experience in skincare combined with their extensive understanding of the market, active ingredients and application methodology, has led them to a natural evolution in the field of skincare.


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