Men find women more attractive in winter

Is it feasible for a lady to be more appealing in the winter than she is in the summer? According to a new Polish study, men find women who dress hot and seductive in the winter more appealing than women who dress the same way in the summer!

A random sample of males were asked to judge a series of images of women taken at various seasons of the year. The winter and fall seasons received the greatest votes, while the summer season received the lowest votes, and there is no evident reason for this disparity, According to studies, few women display their charms in the winter, so the shortage of gorgeous bodies makes them more appealing, and scientists from the University of Wroclaw in Poland think that changing seasons might alter partner choice as well as levels of infidelity. According to them, the explanation for this might be a rise in nudity in the summer, when attractive and hot garments are more common than in the winter, causing a decrease in the element of excitation in males.

Winter positively affects sexual desire

Contrary to popular belief, couples are more inclined to have intimacy during the cold winter months, so it is necessary to know the reasons behind this fact.

We list the main reasons for the high rate of intimacy in the winter as follows:

-The attractiveness of a woman strengthens in the winter:

Men often see women more sexy and attractive in the winter, and there is no accurate explanation for this attraction, but a man may lean towards a woman who wears clothes more after he is bored of seeing her body freely throughout the summer months.

The length of the night:

The length of the night in the winter, the children sleep for a longer time, which gives the opportunity for the couple to spend quality time together.

The feeling of warmth:

Couples tend to feel warm by doing different activities together; Such as eating hot foods and drinks, exercising, in addition to having a lot of intimacy.

Spend the most time at home:

During the winter, couples spend most of their time at home; What makes the opportunity to practice intimacy greater.

How does winter affect a man’s sexual ability?

Despite the high rate of intimacy in the cold months, men witness a decrease in testosterone during these months; This affects their sexual ability and desire.

Among the reasons that lead to a decrease in the male hormone level in the winter; Not being exposed to the sun for enough periods and causing some depression and mood changes during these months.

Finally, in order to maintain a strong sexual desire in the winter, especially in the man, the wife must ensure adequate heating and excite her husband through several methods that depend on his personality and what he loves

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