Causes and effects of men’s low libido include a lack of and loss of sexual desire.

More than one in three males claim to have dealt with a sort of desire issue at some point in the previous 12 months. The decline in male libido is still too taboo for males, although it happens more frequently than we realize. And although if our culture may lead us to believe otherwise, the circumstance is actually rather typical.

What causes a man to have a low libido? Can low libido occur to all guys at some point in their lives? To better comprehend it, we are addressing all of these queries today.

Describe libido.

Libido is another name for sexual arousal. The energy associated with sexual conduct is shown by this. The libido is nearly nonexistent in some people and becomes a normalcy, whilst it is more accentuated in others.

When should we discuss a decreased libido?

Men’s libidos often decline as they age, however this can change over time and depending on the individual. However, when the issue has existed for at least three months and the affected individual experiences this condition, we talk about desire problems, also known as hypoactive sexual desire.

Anaphrodisia, often known as a reduction or lack of sexual desire, has been the topic of extensive epidemiological research for decades. They were therefore able to show that reduced libido was widespread in society, becoming the primary reason for clinical sexology consultations. Source

The root reasons of men’s decreased libido

There are several, unique factors that affect each person’s libido. Because of this, it is futile to self-diagnose based on what we hear; instead, if the issue persists, visit a sexologist doctor.

Although the loss of libido is typically natural and gradual, it can sometimes indicate undiagnosed health issues.

Low libido’s underlying psychological reason

The bulk of the population is impacted by the psychological element. It frequently has an impact on our everyday life, even in the most private times.

the strain of daily living

Everyday stress can be one of the primary causes of a low libido, just like it can be for everyone and regardless of gender. A person who is really stressed may notice a considerable decline in sexual desire due to the direct impact of stress on testosterone levels.

Because he is less agitated and occupied by the cares of daily life while he is on the weekend or on vacation, it is not unusual for the male to be able to rediscover his libido.

sleep problems

In modern culture as a whole, sleep issues are becoming more prevalent. To learn more about the effects of such a lack of sleep on our health, several research have been carried out.

We now understand that a week of insufficient sleep, or 5 hours each night, is all it takes to cause a 10 to 15% reduction in testosterone levels (source)( The next day, between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., the symptoms would likewise be highly noticeable.

Depressive Period

People who are prone to depression frequently suffer from a loss of interest in a variety of activities, including sex (source). This decline in libido is specifically brought on by a significant decline in self-esteem, which results in an irreversible utter lack of interest in pleasure.source

Additionally, adverse effects are possible for those using antidepressants, particularly when using Prozac (source).

The hormonal reason behind men’s reduced libido

In males, the hormonal effect is equally crucial. In reality, testosterone is frequently one of the contributing causes to a variety of sexual issues, with desire being the primary issue.


As men get older, a group of symptoms known as andropause develop, which is principally defined by a reduction in testosterone levels. It is one of the leading causes of men over 45 losing libido (source).

The symptoms and their severity might vary from one man to another, despite the fact that it is still frequently misunderstood. It is therefore advised to visit your doctor if you have a sudden decline in libido and are over 45. As a result, you will address the probable androgen shortage and get your testosterone levels checked by blood testing.

lower testosterone levels

The creation of sperm, the growth of muscle, or the general management of energy are all supported by testosterone. Finally, a decrease in libido may also occur while the rate is at half mast.

In addition to andropause, all males can experience a decline in testosterone levels, even before the age of 45. Lower testosterone levels might also be brought on by other elements like:

  • a bad diet
  • too sedentary
  • excessive use of drugs and alcohol

  • obesity in the abdomen and excess weight.

What causes men’s low libido medically?

Medical conditions might also cause a reduced libido. It is crucial to seek advice if there is a sudden or gradual decline in libido so that the specific cause may be identified and treated.

Chronic conditions

In general, we seldom feel healthy when we have a chronic illness. In fact, sexual desire suffers as a result of the chronic agony that a sickness might bring on.

Certain chronic diseases have a major influence on testosterone levels:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • Renal failure
  • High blood pressure
  • Thyroid problem.

The side effects of therapy for all of these conditions, in addition to the discomfort they cause, can have a major negative influence on libido.

Irritable limb syndrome

A neurological condition called restless leg syndrome makes people constantly want to move their legs. They are also known as nocturnal impatience and typically occur at night, causing discomfort and unpleasant feelings in the lower limbs.

At that point, it becomes challenging to just relax or sit for too long. According to some theories, this illness is one of the reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction, which lowers desire significantly (source).

Using certain drugs

Sadly, certain drugs can reduce testosterone levels, which decreases libido. Antidepressants, cancer treatments, beta-blockers, and other medications can have adverse effects that significantly reduce sexual desire. (source)

treatments for men’s libido loss

There are two different ways to address a man’s libido decline.

First is a psychological approach that includes patient assistance, such as psychotherapy or behavioral treatment for a man or a couple.

The second involves consuming testosterone as a patch, gel, or injection. Supplemental testosterone is only advised in cases where the patient has low amounts of this hormone.

Find all the treatments for libido issues in our post just dedicated to them.


Men are more likely than we realize to have low libido, which is not a sickness. Keep in mind that talking to your doctor is the best strategy to stop a loss of desire.

The initial step is to identify the reason. As a result, you will be able to locate the ideal alternatives for a restored libido.

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